Get fit, have fun and be part of a supportive community


InsideOut Fitness is more than a fitness group, it's a community.

Our training programs are a fusion of group outdoor training, personalised nutrition, mental wellbeing and fun! We're not an intimidating gym, we're a group of life-loving, healthy Territorians.

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Our Trainers

As your trainers we promise to:

  1. Focus on the positives

  2. Remind you to keep your bum down during planks

  3. Laugh with you, not at you

  4. To push you like we’d push a shopping trolley (we’ll keep you on track, but won’t be upset when you wobble)

  5. Motivate, educate and support you (pinky promise)


Susan Shepherd


Katrina Clark


Ramona Bryant

Class Schedule


Kickstart your Week

6am-7am @ Darwin High School every Monday


HIIT Mondays

6pm-7pm @ Jingili Gardens every Monday


Metafit Tuesdays

6pm-7pm @ Darwin High School every Tuesday


Humpday Jumpstart

6am-7am @ Darwin High School every Wednesday


Weds Weights

6pm-7pm @ Jingili Garden every Wednesday


Thursday Boxing

6pm-7pm @ Darwin High School every Thursday


Friday Hill Runs

6am-7am @ Darwin High School every Friday


Saturday Morn Sesh

8am-9am @ Darwin High School eery Saturday


Feedback from our Fitness Community

My friend and best sister staged an intervention, that got me back out of the house and being active again. In the process I have joined a team that is 100% supportive on the days I turn up and the days I haven’t had the courage/motivation to be there. I feel supported to improve each day and week. How amazing to be part of this exercise family, thanks to you all.
— Nyree
Today I achieved something amazing!! With the help of my IOF friends I reached an incredible goal of mine and ran 8k non stop at the Darwin Run With Dad Father’s Day Race! Thank you to Sue our wonderful trainer who set the pace and kept me strong the whole way I could not have done it without you! Here’s to smashing fitness goals with IOF!!!
— Donna
I started with IOF on an 8 week challenge. That 8 weeks is long gone now but I just keep coming back. The group, the trainers and Sue make it that much easier to feel confident, welcomed and happy. I will not be going anywhere else ever! Thanks everyone at inside out fitness for your support! It’s made me feel soo much better about myself as a person!
— Delaney
Sue has single handedly changed my whole attitude towards exercise. I hated physical activity when I started my personal training sessions, as I had always felt uncomfortable and out of my element. Sue is kind hearted, supportive and her work out environments motive you through your journey regardless of where you start.
— Lee-Ann